Modesty as Big as the Moon

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This story, based on real events, tells about the perseverance and determination of little Neil, who was fascinated by flying. Through hard work and years of effort, he eventually became the first man on the Moon. It can also inspire today's children and show them what their efforts can bring.

The recording used is the original sound recording from the NASA Apollo 11 mission on July 21, 1969. It contains the actual recording of astronaut Neil Armstrong's words when human feet first set foot on the surface of the moon. The recording comes from the NASA archives and is publicly available at

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Modesty as Big as the Moon
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Little Neil had loved aeroplanes since childhood. He saw an aeroplane for the first time when he was two and his dad had taken him to an air race. From then on, Neil ran around the apartment with his arms outstretched, playing with aeroplanes, and his room was soon filled with various model aeroplanes. His mother and father never missed a chance to visit an aeroplane show or an aviation day with him.

When two younger siblings soon arrived in the family, his mother suddenly had less time for Neil's hobby. They didn’t often go to aeroplane shows anymore. And Neil was a bit upset about it. However, he liked to play with his brother and sister and was looking forward to them growing up. They could play aeroplanes together.

When Neil was six, his father prepared a big surprise for him. As they approached the airport together, Neil began to call out in excitement: “Look, dad! It’s a Boeing 307! The plane next to it is a Ford and behind it, there’s another Boeing! It's so wonderful to see them so close!

His dad smiled: “We're not there yet."

A sightseeing flight was waiting for them. Neil and his father headed straight for one of the planes. As they sat and fastened their seat belts, they heard the pilot's announcement. Then the plane started preparing for take off. Neil could barely breathe from all the excitement.

Up in the air, he could see his school and even their house. He shouted with joy: “This is the best day of my life!”

From then on, Neil wanted nothing more than to fly in a plane again. But flying was a very expensive pastime. That's why he started to earn money by mowing lawns. Little by little, he worked…

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