The Christmas Puppy

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The magic of Christmas is not hidden in many gifts, but in good deeds.

One little puppy manages to melt the hearts of two adults, who until then hadn’t wanted to complicate life with a new family member, and especially not one like a dog, which as we all know can create be quite messy…

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The Christmas Puppy
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The kids had wanted a puppy for a very long time. They promised they would take care of it, but their mummy and daddy didn’t believe them. After all, how could they, when they had often trouble finishing their daily chores?

“You can have a dog after you learn to clean up after yourselves,” the father would always say.

“You can have a dog after I finally don’t have to remind you to brush your teeth a thousand times,” the mother would always say. They always had an example and a reason.

“You can have a dog after...” I could go on like this for pages and ages, but I think we should stick to the story instead.

From time to time, the kids really tried to make an effort, but they could never keep it up for very long. As for the parents, the father was worried he wouldn’t have any time left to watch his favourite sports and news channel.

He imagined if he had to walk their dog all of the time, he would have less free time. And their mum? She'd kind of always wanted a dog herself, but she was worried – well, about everything.

And she decided to listen to her head rather than her heart. That’s because adults, as I’ve heard, are always rational and pragmatic, and that’s why so many of their childhood dreams never come true.

Time flew by and the kids somehow still hadn’t changed their parents’ minds, nor their own habits. Spring had passed, then summer and autumn, and all of a sudden it was winter.

When the first snow covered the ground, the mum went to do her Christmas shopping. As she was running from one shop to another, she suddenly tripped over a little snow-white…

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