The Russet Dog

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This Celtic tale brings you a merry story of a savvy fox. When her beautiful russet coat becomes a home for annoying fleas, the fox thinks of a clever way how to get rid of them.

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The Russet Dog
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The russet dog - some call it a 'fox,' but never 'a russet fox,' though no-one knows why - is a very clever animal, indeed. She has to be, because she isn't so large and fearsome, like bears are. She's not as dangerous as the snakes that sneak up and bite. And she is definitely not patient, like the squirrels that spend most of their time saving up acorns for the winter.

She likes to have fun with her days barking in her fox-like way. Which is why our clever russet dog used to dread the coming of May, all of the way to September. The nicest, brightest and sunniest of times also brought the most unwelcome of guests - you guessed it! - fleas.

If you've never had a flea poking its way slowly up your nose, it's hard to imagine how annoying they can be! Worse than mosquitos or flies or midges, fleas really stick around. If they aren't on you, they're waiting at home for you. And jump right on you again.

And the russet dog, with her constant search for food, got fleas every year. Like clockwork. Tick tock, flea. Tick tock flea. She had to find a solution finally, because the fleas were really driving her crazy. She'd tried everything, nearly.

She went from den to den, trying to let the fleas find other russet dogs to bother. She scratched and rubbed and bit, but the fleas just jumped away. She even chased her tail, because she couldn't think of anything better to do.

Then one day, when she was wearing dozens of fleas, she came across a weaver's cabin next to her forest. Outside there were bits and chunks of wool. She started getting an idea. The wool could…

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