Little Red Riding Hood

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Don’t talk to strangers.

This famous fairy tale reminds us that talking to strangers can be dangerous. Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

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Little Red Riding Hood
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Once upon a time, in a little valley, there was a tiny village with a huge church bell. Ringing always at noon, the bell was heard far beyond the hills. A cute little girl with blue eyes lived in the village. Her name was Little Red Riding Hood. You would recognize her at once by the sight of the beautiful red hood she would always wear. Her beloved granny had given it to her, and the girl had grown to love it so much that she’d even sleep in it.

Little Red Riding Hood was kind and respectful to everyone. She would always help others. But helping her mommy with baking while singing their favourite songs was the thing she liked most in all the world.

And today was no different. You could hear her singing all the way from the garden through the window of their little house. The girl and her mummy were about to finish their favourite pie, and the beautiful smell was spreading all around the village.

“Our pie came out pretty well today. Why not bring a couple of pieces to granny, too,” said Little Red Riding Hood’s mummy, taking the hot pie out of the oven.

“That’s a great idea! May I go alone? I’m not so little anymore. And I could find granny’s house with my eyes closed. Please, mummy?” begged Little Red Riding Hood.

“Well, it isn’t too far, but you know, you’d have to go through the woods. Promise you won’t stop anywhere, and you’ll go straight to granny’s house, alright?” warned her mother, as she opened the window to see if there wasn’t a storm on the way. At that moment, there came a loud gong of the big bell. Everyone knew it was noon.

Meanwhile, Little…

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