How Rupert Skynose Definitely Discovered Infinity

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Astronomer Rupert Skynose longs to discover the infinite, so he searches the stars night after night. When his telescope breaks, it may seem like a disaster, but it is actually this accident with the broken glass lens that sets Rupert on the right track.

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How Rupert Skynose Definitely Discovered Infinity
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Rupert Skynose worked the night shift at the observatory and was very lucky to be doing what he really enjoyed. He was almost always stargazing during working hours. Rumour has it that the observatory even had a skylight in the toilet, so that Rupert wouldn't accidentally miss something during his vital break.

"Hmm, it's amazing today. The sky is as clear as crystal glass and the stars are twinkling. It's a joy to be at work," said Rupert Skynose, who spent most of every work shift with his head turned up so much that only his nostrils showed. "The universe is so wonderful. And maybe it really is infinite..." he mused aloud.

He was staring at the sky with his head cocked, walking under the open skylight of the observatory, when he stumbled over an extension cord attached to the kettle. He tripped straight towards the huge observatory telescope.

"Oh, no!" cried Servus, the spider who lived in the corner above the telescope. He was watching the current, not exactly ideal situation.

Whenever he could, he lowered himself from his spider web to the lens to have a little look at the cosmic object as well. He, too, was tempted by infinity. For he would like to weave an infinitely long spider's web someday, and perhaps it would reach out into space!

"Help, heeelp!" yelled the spider, holding onto the telescope. The very same telescope which Rupert Skynose had collided with. It tilted along with its tripod and crashed full force into the wall. A chunk of plaster even peeled off. The glass lens of the telescope fell out and rolled with Servus across the floor of the observatory.

Rupert Skynose suffered an on-the-job injury. Shaken from the hard impact, he saw as many stars in front of…

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