The Life of a Caterpillar

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The little caterpillar hatches from its egg and begins to get to know the beauties of the surrounding world. However, it is disappointed that it is not yet beautiful itself. But the sadness disappears when it learns that it too will one day turn into a beautiful butterfly.

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The Life of a Caterpillar
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It was a lovely sunny day, and the meadow was full of colour. The insects sounded like an orchestra, playing amongst the flowers. Butterflies danced their shimmering ballet, and right below them, on a small green leaf, a tiny egg was perfectly poised. It was as big, or rather as little, as the head of a pin.

Suddenly the egg started jiggling! It bounced up and down and sideways, rolling all about. Then it stopped. A shard broke off the shell, revealing a teeny-weeny eye.

“Ahh, how beautiful!” exclaimed the tiny black eye as it glanced around. Then it disappeared, but only for a moment. The egg twitched again and another shard of shell fell off. Two black eyes were now peeking through the hole, and at once a head poked out!

“Oh, this is so wonderfully wonderful,” gushed the tiny head as it tried to wriggle out of the egg. It wriggled and wriggled and wriggled some more, and soon enough, a fuzzy black caterpillar was lying on the leaf.

“Brilliant!” said the caterpillar with sheer delight. “Good morning, Sun! You’re so nice and comforting. Thank you for your warming rays!”

The sun smiled tenderly and stroked the caterpillar with its rays of sunshine. The caterpillar closed its eyes and basked in the soothing spring weather.

Just then, a fluffy white cloud floated in front of the sun. The caterpillar opened its eyes wide and looked up.

“Thank you, Cloud, for providing this pleasant shade,” it said with a grin. The cloud slowly spread out and formed a face shape that seemed to be grinning back.

A flurry of butterflies danced directly above the caterpillar’s head. “You’re all really colourful!” said the caterpillar, in awe.

“Why thank you, young Caterpillar,” laughed the happy butterflies while…

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