A Pet that No One Else Has

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Micky is unhappy that he cannot have any animal pets at home like some of his friends. That's why his elder sister gives him something special that's green and bushy. Micky gets a pet that no one else has. At the same time, thanks to it, he gets closer to his elder sister and he learns to love plants.

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A Pet that No One Else Has
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Today, in the kindergarten, the children were given a big task: they had to draw a picture of their pet. Next week, they would show their picture to others and then they could talk about it. All of them were excited. All but one.

The day finally came. Lukas bragged about his pet striped hamster. Valery had two bushy cats called Luna and Loki. Tommy told everyone that his white poodle could do tricks!

However, Micky was silent the whole time. He didn't have a dog or a cat or any pet at home. He only had his older sister Dora, and he couldn't talk about her, could he?

The other kids also had brothers who took them to football matches or let them ride with them on scooters. Tommy's sister worked at the movies so she often took him to see movies about superheroes.

But Dora dug in the ground to plant flowers. He thinks it’s so boring!

Micky was walking home from kindergarten with his mother in a bad mood. Not even her teasing could cheer him up.

"Mom, what if we got a dog?" he asked hopefully.

His mother looked at him with sympathy, but said exactly what she always said: “Micky, I’ve told you many times. I'm allergic to animal fur. You know I can't even pet our neighbour's cat, because I would sneeze right away and my eyes would turn red and swollen.”

“What about a small guinea pig?" Micky tried. “A really, really small one?”

“What if we just bought fish?” she said, trying to compromise. “You’ll get to choose the colours, and some of them even glow in the dark!”

“But mom, you can’t pet a fish,” said Micky. “It’s not a real pet!”

His mother tried everything until they got…

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