This 30-day challenge will help you spend more quality time with your child. Start today

This 30-day challenge will help you spend more quality time with your child. Start today

We all know that there is a big difference between “spending time together” and “spending quality time together”. Would you like to bring a spark, fun and variety to the time you spend with your child? If so, our 30-day challenge will be right for you.

We have prepared a special, 30-day challenge for you, which will take your moments together to a higher level. Every day, a fun or informative task awaits you. Their aim is to bring your family closer together, learn something new and, in addition, spend more time together. Are you with us?


Start with a task that will be fun for the whole family. Agree with your child that you will prepare your favourite meal together today. Whether you eat it for lunch or dinner - you can decide based on when you think you will have the opportunity to eat it as a family together, at the same table. 


Today something nice waits for you again. In the evening, sit together in the living room or kitchen (it's up to you where you feel most comfortable), prepare a cup of your favourite drink and tell each other what you like most in them. You will see that not only will you laugh together, but it will also warm the heart of every member of your family. 


Today do some manual work with your child. Find some interesting project on Youtube that you think you’ll be able to complete in an evening–  for example, an interesting creation from paper, jewellery or something like that. Creative moments spent together really are priceless. 


How often do you give your child a hug? Promise yourself, today’s going to be a hug day. This beautiful activity not only helps you bond, but also floods our bodies with oxytocin, so your whole family will feel much happier. 


Today, why not dance together? Does it sound crazy and like something you’ve never done before? Then consider that another reason to do it! You’ll have an unforgettable memory about this beautiful moment. In addition, if you feel your bodies become flooded with endorphins, it is very likely that you will want to repeat this activity more often. 


Watch your favourite cartoon together – of course, you should let your child choose. Prepare your favourite snack and enjoy the moment of happiness that belongs only to the small group of you present. 


Promise yourself you’ll go outside today. Even if it’s just a 15-minute walk around your block, it is a great activity that is also beneficial for our physical health. 


Sit down at the table again tonight and get out a pen and paper. Write down each family member’s name and ask them to tell you 3 things they liked today or that made them happy. This activity is a great way to teach a child about gratitude. 


Do something for your health today and have a fruit day (if your child likes vegetables, you can easily call it a fruit and vegetable day). Go together, ideally a day in advance, to shop for fruits and vegetables that you feel like eating. Then treat yourself dramatically to them during the day whenever you wish!

DAY 10

Have a little warm-up together. This may not be something that you do regularly, but firstly it's great for your fitness and secondly you can have a lot of fun. Start training with your whole family in the evening or in the afternoon. Your child will definitely enjoy the experience!

DAY 11

Yesterday your task was to do some physical activity, so today you have the right to rest. Play your favourite board game together instead!

DAY 12

A fun activity awaits you today. In the morning, for example while having breakfast together, the whole family agrees on one colour and then puts on at least one piece of clothing that matches it. This way you will all match in colour throughout the day. 

DAY 13

Let’s stay with colours today as well. Do you like painting? Your child may not have any great artistic talent, but painting encourages their creativity. Have a fun painting night and compete to see who paints the most beautiful objects or the best portrait of a person that you can think of. 

DAY 14

Today, why not try baking something together. After all, sweet foods and cakes are something we all like, and besides, baking together can also be very pleasant and fun. 

DAY 15

Get up together at least 20 minutes earlier today (if you happen to have a weekend for this day, you don't have to) and treat yourself to a truly royal breakfast such as you see in the movies. Although it will take you some time to prepare, the atmosphere and the time spent together is worth it. 

DAY 16

As a family, plan to look back over your family photos together tonight. They will take you back to moments you never want to forget. You can also show your child photos from your youth. 

DAY 17

Try to schedule a phone call or video call with someone close to you today. Whatever family member you choose, they're sure to be happy to hear from or see you. 

DAY 18

Agree this morning that every family member has a “duty” to do some good deed today. In the evening, tell each other about what it was – even if it was just a matter of holding the door for a neighbour. 

DAY 19

Today, do something for your health again and eat tasty, but healthy all day. The aim is to show your child that even a healthy diet can be nutritious and tasty. 

DAY 20

For example, when you have lunch or dinner, talk together about where you would like to go on vacation. Planning together can always be not only enjoyable and fun, but also motivating. 

DAY 21

How much water do you drink per day? Most people don't get as much as they should. Your task today is to drink the recommended amount. Anyone who succeeds can receive some sweet reward in the evening. 

DAY 22

This challenge will probably be a bit difficult for some family members, but it is worth it. Agree to put your cell phones aside today, both at lunch and dinner. You will see how amazing it is.

DAY 23

Today will be a fairy tale day. Spend your free time with your child using the Readmio application and read fairy tales that interest you. You will return to the good days of childhood and your child will also be satisfied.

DAY 24

Today you will have fun together again. Most days, you probably choose an outfit for your child, but today, let your child choose clothes for you. 

DAY 25

When was the last time you looked at the stars? It was probably a long time ago, so make room today to make up for it. You can search for different constellations together or talk about what you see in the sky. 

DAY 26

When was the last time you had a picture taken as a family? Prepare a small, private photoshoot for today. Not only will the whole family have fun, but you will also have a beautiful memory.

DAY 27

Do you remember how we built forts from blankets and pillows as children? Go back to childhood and build a hiding place with your child today where no one will find you. 

DAY 28

A fun activity awaits you again today. Look up a science experiment on the Internet that you can try out at home. You can get some ideas in our article

DAY 29

You are nearly at the end of the challenge, and that is a good reason to celebrate. What do you think about putting on your own karaoke show? You may be ashamed at first, but you will see the rush of happiness that comes with so much laughter and singing. 

DAY 30

Talk together tonight about how you liked this 30-day challenge, which task you liked the most, which was the most challenging for you, and speak about whether you think wil ever repeat the whole challenge. 

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