Quiz: Can you guess the animated film based only on one picture?

Quiz: Can you guess the animated film based only on one picture?

Let’s admit it - we adults also love animated films. Thanks to them we are able to get into the headspace of those carefree times back when we were also children. Take this fun quiz with your child to see if you can both recognise a film based only on a picture.

1. The adorable Agnes takes centre stage in this picture. Do you remember the cartoon she is from?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Up

b. Despicable Me

c. The Wild

d. Toy Story

2. This tale won the hearts of children the world over. Here you can see the main characters. What is the name of the series? 

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Frozen

b. The Incredibles

c. Masha and the Bear

d. Shrek

3. Next we have a character who waded into the waters of the ocean in a film of the same name. Who is this?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Moana

b. Pocahontas

c. Mulan

d. Anastasia

4. This story looked perfectly into the darkest corners of our minds. Can you remember its name?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Coco

b. Up

c. Wall-e

d. Inside Out

5. The film from which this legendary scene comes was also very successful. What was its name?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Mary and Max

b. Brave

c. Zootopia

d. Hotel Transylvania

6. These fish once ruled the world, and to this day there is hardly a person who does not know of their existence. It is:

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Finding Nemo

b. Ariel: The Little Mermaid

c. Happy Feet

d. Surf’s Up

7. Thanks to this kitchen based tale, many people fell in love with cooking, or France, or even stopped being afraid of rats. Which film is this image from?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Ferdinand

b. Ratatouille

c. Trolls

d. Lady and the Tramp

8. In this picture, you can see Queen Elsa, who literally melted children’s hearts. Which film is she from?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Beauty and the Beast

b. Ice Age

c. Masha and the Bear

d. Frozen

9. Maybe your child was afraid to sleep in the dark after watching this but still it is known as one of the most beautiful animated films of recent history. Can you remember its name?

Foto: moviestillsdb

a. Casper

b. Toy Story

c. Monsters, Inc.

d. Hotel Transylvania

10. And finally, something that will really test you. This beautiful tale from the environment of the Italian Riviera tells the story of a boy, after whom the film is named. It is (of course):

a. Luca

b. Coco

c. Cars

d. Ferdinand

Correct answers:

1.b., 2. c., 3. a., 4. d., 5. c., 6. a., 7. b., 8. d., 9. c., 10. a.


8-10 correct answers: you are a true expert. You are at home in the world of animated films and nothing can surprise you.

7-5 correct answers: you watch some animated films occasionally but it’s not your cup of tea. However, you can still catch up.

4-0 correct answers: you are not really into animated films at all. Maybe you should fix that - it is, after all,  a good way to return to your childhood and get some rest. 

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