Monthly reading challenge for children and parents: This is an easy way to build a reading habit in a month

Monthly reading challenge for children and parents: This is an easy way to build a reading habit in a month

It isn’t necessary here to give an exhaustive list of the benefits that reading has upon both adults and children alike - Suffice to say that such a list would fill a library.  But the problem is that we can't always find time for it. We have therefore thought about some creative ways of introducing reading to the fabric of every single day, and in light of that idea prepared an interesting monthly challenge for you. In it, you will begin to read one fairy tale or a few pages of a book to your children every day.

After completing  the challenge, hopefully you will see reading as something utterly natural - a new habit, if you will. And you will find yourself engaging in it during activities that you would not previously have thought of.

Our Readmio application, which is, so to speak, perfectly designed for this challenge, will be of great assistance in completing it. Thanks to Readmio, you have access to the most beautiful fairy tales anytime and anywhere.

To make the challenge as flexible as possible, we've broken it down into weeks. For each one, we will give you some tips on how to use your free time to read something. 

1st week

  • Let's start with a classic, which is of course the art of reading bedtime stories. As a result, your child falls asleep much faster, and such a ritual has several other benefits (like bonding or building a routine).
  • Evening reading is a classic, but have you ever tried it out in the morning? Your child will start the day in a very pleasant way and they will be in a good mood. 
  • Is your child bored when travelling by car or bus? Naturally, you can read to them even in such a situation, so that the journey passes faster for both of you. 

2nd week

  • How can we ensure that the child does not have such a negative attitude towards cleaning? It’s easy, just read to them during it.
  • If you are thinking about how to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, reading is again a great choice. 
  • Do you like walks in nature? You can also use these moments to read. In addition, you are walking in the fresh air, so you combine the pleasant with the useful. 

3rd week

  • You can also read fairy tales in the kitchen while you wait for your food to be cooked or finish baking. 
  • You don't have to read fairy tales only in the morning or in the evening. Make your afternoon nap more pleasant with the addition of some light reading. 
  • Have you become used to watching TV in the evening, and are you fed up with commercials? Use them to your advantage. You can read a short story together until the commercial break ends. 

4th week

  • Have you ordered a meal at the restaurant that you will have to wait for? No problem, shorten that time by reading.
  • Visits to the doctor are never pleasant. If there is one waiting for you, you already know how to kill time in the waiting room.
  • Homework is a nightmare for most children. But you can motivate them by offering to read them a fairy tale of their choosing in reward.

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