Board games that will teach your children how to understand money and how to handle it

Board games that will teach your children how to understand money and how to handle it

The topic of money is still taboo in many families today. However, this approach is not right, as a child thus feels that money is something “bad” and is unable to build a healthy relationship with it. A great way to prevent this is to combine a topic as serious as money with playing games. Not only will your child learn something new, but you will also have fun together.

Family board games are fantastic in this regard. They are often educational, but one of their other advantages is that you will spend quality time together as a family, filled with pleasant conversations and laughter. 

We have five suggestions for board games through which your child will have the opportunity to  learn what money is, how to make it and most importantly - how to deal with it. 


An absolute classic that perhaps doesn't even need to be introduced to anyone. This is a game that has existed for more than 80 years and is literally a legend in the field of board games. Its advantage is, among other things, that there are many versions available on the market, so once you have had enough of the original, you can easily replace it with another. The game is so popular that it holds licences in more than 160 countries around the world, and more than 5 billion game figurines have already been produced worldwide. There are also many versions available for children.

Horse racing and betting

This game is an absolute classic and it is possible that you played it as a child. The point is that each of the players owns their own stable and its task is to invest money thoughtfully in both horses and races. Your task is to earn as much as possible and, of course, – not to go bankrupt. 


We can consider this game well worthy of the title of classic as well, as it has been on the market for several decades. Every player becomes an entrepreneur for a while and must use the money at their disposal to increase their assets. 

Business Master

This game is great especially if your child is a little older – ideally roughly around high school age. The game is extremely popular and there are even tournaments around the world where people of all ages compete in it. It is an excellent activity for the whole family, as it educates your child in a fun way, and also tests your business and economic skills. It is based on the principles of Monopoly and, by default, the winner is the player who manages to achieve the highest profit. 


Have you come across any of the acclaimed Robert Kiyosaki's bestsellers? He is the creator of this great game, in which your task is to increase your passive income so that you no longer have to go to work every day. The great thing about the game is that you can buy it in two versions. The one for adults aims to provide them a better understanding of each financial concept and explain how to invest, risk or use stocks and mutual funds. The version for children is, of course, much simpler, but it also works in its own way to increase financial literacy.

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