Here are 18 little things that mean a lot for children and that are absolutely free

Here are 18 little things that mean a lot for children and that are absolutely free

They say the best things in life are free. Of course, we agree with that, so we have decided to prepare a list of 18 little things that you can do. All of them are completely free, and all will still be of great value to your child.

Which of these tips do inspire you?

#1 Create a “family slogan” together. Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it to the fridge.

#2 Take a walk in the city or in nature together, whichever your child prefers.

#3 Pack their favourite treat in a lunch box, without them knowing, in order to pleasantly surprise them when it comes time to open the box at school

#4 Go to the playground together and show as much enthusiasm and joy for the activity as your child would. Not only will you make them happy, but you will also get the chance to awaken your inner child. 

#5 If your child misses a member of your family whom you can’t see, call them via video chat. 

#6 When it rains outside, put on raincoats and rubber boots and let your kid jump in all the puddles. They love it. 

#7 Take some glitter glue and make a nice postcard with a lovely message. Ask your child to decide to whom they wish to send it. 

#8 Let your child decide what they want to wear. If you know that their choice might not turn out well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an outfit for school, but perhaps for going grocery shopping or visiting grandparents, for instance. 

#9 When you see that your child is grumpy or sad after returning from school or kindergarten, don't overwhelm them with various questions if they don’t want to answer them. Try to circle back to it when they are in a good mood. 

#10 Ask your kid to teach you something, such as how to draw or create something. When you are done, thank them and say what a great teacher they are. 

#11 During the weekend, stay up late so that you can watch the stars together. You can make the wait more pleasant with a story: whether you watch it on TV, or read it from a book or of course out loud from our Readmio application. 

#12 Print some photos of you all and take the time to look at them together. This will create a lot of beautiful memories and events that you might not even have thought about. 

#13 For breakfast, make your child pancakes or toast in the shape of a heart. Even such a little thing can make their day. 

#14 After they finish their homework, surprise your kid with a random dance party. You’ll see how much they enjoy it. 

#15 Make up a secret greeting through a special handshake that only you will understand. 

#16 Pin a table or even a sheet of paper on the fridge, on which you can leave nice notes for each other. 

#17 Have a pillow fight. 

#18 Praise your child whenever they do something on their own, even if it is something as simple as putting their dishes away after the washing up is done. 

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