The Heroes of Readmio Fairy Tales Are Now Free Colouring Pages

The Heroes of Readmio Fairy Tales Are Now Free Colouring Pages

We really appreciate all of your lovely messages and the positive feedback we’ve received on Readmio. That’s why we’ve prepared a gift for you! Take a look at several of your favourite stories that are now ready to colour.

All you have to do is download, unpack and print them out on a regular printer - for free! You’ll find a QR code on each colouring page, which will open the story after scanning. You can also use the search function in the Catalogue section and search for a fairy tale by name. So your new reading experience can begin - the story will immediately come to life with sounds and music.

After reading the story, have your children put their favourite heroes in colour. The colouring page can be used as an additional creative activity, which is not only fun, but relaxing.

Click here to download ➡️ the children's colouring pages for free.

Thank you for your support and we think that your children will enjoy the full experience, winding down with our colouring books. We hope you enjoy them!
The Readmio team 💚

Sample of coloring books

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