Why the Sun Never Married

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This Bulgarian legend tells how the sun planned to get married, but the promised wedding never happened. The wedding plans were thwarted by a little hedgehog. She understood the unfortunate results the heat of an entire sunny family in the sky would have. This fairy tale touches on current environmental issues.

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Why the Sun Never Married
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One sunny day, the Sun decided he didn’t like being alone all of the time, so he took it into his head to start a family. He was going to throw a big party to celebrate this brilliant idea and he invited animals from every corner of the world.

All of the guests were truly excited. They couldn’t wait for the party to arrive. Well, maybe not all of them. When the little white hedgehog got her invitation, she ran for her life, back into her house, to hide under the bed.

The other animals were really confused by the hedgehog’s reaction, and some were even shocked. None of them could understand why she didn’t want to come to the party.

They went to her house to try and convince her to go. The frog began: “Hedgehog, you simply must attend the party. The Sun has invited you and everyone expects you to come!”

The tiger tried as well: “The Sun will be very upset if you’re not there. You owe him your existence. All of nature does. It would be most impolite to refuse his invitation!”

The beautiful stallion soon joined in as well. One by one, all of the animals tried to talk some sense into her, until at last the stubborn hedgehog caved in: “Alright, alright, I’ll go. I'll go!” she exclaimed.

The day of the celebration arrived in the blink of an eye. The Sun held a truly spectacular party, and everyone ate and drank their fill. The Sun was very happy to see all of his guests content.

Only the little hedgehog sat at the back quietly, without even touching her food. After a while, she crawled into a corner to hide from everyone and she started nibbling on a…

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