When Suzie Ignores Bedtime

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It’s bedtime, but Suzie doesn’t want to sleep. She has so many fun ideas and so many toys to play with that she simply cannot be bothered! Can the little girl really stay up and play all night long? The answer is Yes. But not without consequences…

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When Suzie Ignores Bedtime
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It was getting late. Outside, the setting sun was turning the clouds gold and pink. Mummy and Daddy were clearing the table after dinner. Little Suzie, with her tummy pleasantly full, slid down from her chair and ran over to her toys. Earlier she had built a bridge out of blocks, and now she wanted to get the toy train to run back and forth underneath it.

“Suzie, you can play for a bit longer but then you’ll need to get into your pyjamas, okay?” her mum informed her.

“Nooo, Mummy, I want to play some more!” protested the girl.

Suzie had recently turned four. Her hair was already long enough for braids, and she had been going to preschool for half a year, which she liked because there were a lot of toys there. And Suzie really loved to play. She would build towers out of building blocks, decorate the dollhouse, and cook in the kids’ kitchen. She would also draw pictures, assemble train tracks, and teach the toy creatures how to do things.

At home, it was the same situation night after night. She couldn’t tear herself away from her toys, and getting her to go to bed was an extremely difficult task for her parents. This evening was no different.

Mummy and Daddy had now finished cleaning-up in the kitchen. “Suzie, I’ve made you a cup of warm milk to drink before bed!” declared her dad.

“But I have to finish building this new bridge!” Suzie retorted.

A moment later her mum called over to her: “And I’ve already turned down your bed.”

“But I haven’t even drawn a picture yet!” moaned the little girl, her lips curled in rebellion.

Her mum sighed. Luckily, today was Friday. At least they wouldn’t…

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