The Sad Scooter

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The new pink scooter is the best gift Becky could have wished for, but as the time goes by, she uses it less and less, until it spends most time left in a corner. With the help of her mother, Becky learns an important lesson: things we don’t use anymore can make other people happy and become useful once again.

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The Sad Scooter
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There once was a little girl named Becky. Becky wanted a scooter very much. She knew exactly what it should look like: pink with tassels on the handlebars and – most importantly – with a unicorn for a bell. She was a good girl, and her dream soon came true: she got one for her birthday.

Becky was so happy she parked the scooter right next to her bed. She wanted it to be the first thing she saw when she got up in the morning. When she woke up the next day and found out that it really wasn’t just a dream, she cheerfully jumped out of her bed.

She quickly put some clothes on and gulped down her breakfast, eager to run outside and try out her new gift. A few minutes later, she was already whizzing along the pavement and ringing her bell happily. What a great ride!

From that moment on, Becky had never left home without her scooter, no matter what the weather was. Riding to her kindergarten was the best. The road was slightly downhill, and Becky’s hair would always flow behind her from underneath her helmet. It made her feel like a comet.

When snow covered the ground outside, she had to finally leave the scooter parked at home. Still, she never forgot to at least touch it when she got home. “Don’t worry, it’ll get warmer soon,” she would say, to comfort it. And the scooter was happy, eagerly waiting for the spring.

But something happened then the scooter did not expect. The spring arrived, as well as Becky’s birthday. And since her parents liked riding bikes, they got her her first proper bike this year. It took a little while for her to learn how to ride…

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