The Rabbit’s Ears

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According to this Mayan story, the little rabbit was unhappy with his appearance, so he went to the wizard to turn him into a powerful beast. Instead, the wizard explained to him that real value did not lie in having a strong body. So that the rabbit would not leave without the promised spell, he instead received a pair of long dexterous ears as a gift.

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The Rabbit’s Ears
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A long time ago, rabbits looked quite different. How so? They used to have small ears that looked like the ones cats have nowadays. But once upon a time, something extraordinary happened...

Back then, every single animal was happy with their looks except for the little rabbit, who didn’t like how he looked in the slightest. He often watched his own reflection in ponds and puddles, feeling awfully blue.

“Oh, I’m the most unimportant being in all of nature,” the rabbit would say to himself in despair. He would turn incredibly sad whenever he saw all those majestic lions and strong, wise elephants.

“I’m just a tiny little, fluffy, good-for-nothing ball,” the rabbit often complained. “I wish I had a huge, strong body,” he grumbled in front of his friend, the owl, time and time again.

The wise owl was growing tired of the rabbit’s constant whining. One day, when he couldn’t take this endless complaining any longer, he interrupted the rabbit in the middle of a sentence.

“You can’t be this unhappy in your body. You are perfect just as you are. But if you really can’t accept it, you should go and see the wizard who lives up on the mountain. He might be able to help you.” The rabbit didn’t hesitate for a second and started climbing the mountain at once.

When he arrived at the wizard’s temple, he knocked on the giant wooden door. No one answered, so the rabbit tried once again, this time a little louder. Before long, the door opened.

The rabbit started speaking the moment he laid eyes on the sleepy wizard: “Hello! I need your help, sir. It’s urgent.”

“Well, since you have just interrupted my afternoon nap, I truly hope it’s something really important,” growled the wizard, gazing at the…

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