The Proud Cherry Tree

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The cherry tree boasts a lot about her fine flowers, which are also admired by the other inhabitants of the garden. She wouldn’t trade-in her pretty blossoms for anything in the world — they are as white and delicate as snow! But then she has a chat with a Chrysoperla insect and suddenly realises that there are more important things in life than pride.

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The Proud Cherry Tree
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There were various sorts of fruit trees growing side by side in this ancient garden: two apricots, a cherry and a peach, as well as several apple trees and a small black cherry tree. Spring soon turned into summer, and cheerful sounds filled the atmosphere, including that of children playing and jabbering beneath the treetops. The sun did its best to tickle their noses, and when it managed to do so, freckles appeared!

All the fruit trees were flourishing, flaunting fresh blossoms and brand new leaves. The black cherry tree was the only one that had white flowers. Actually, the cherry tree is always the last of the fruit trees to flower. Because of that, she envied her friends — while they were already blooming in early spring, the branches of the cherry tree were still bare. But a few weeks later, everything changed. The cherry tree blossomed with the loveliest flowers of all. There were so many blooms that the tree resembled a fluffy fur coat. All the bumble bees flew to her from far-far away to enjoy her flowers and admire her beauty.

“You are so gorgeouzzz, Lady Cherry,” buzzed Mr Bumblebee.

“We haven’t seen such pleazzzing flowerzzz for a long while!” chirped the bee sisters.

The proud cherry tree extended her branches towards the sky — she did this gracefully so as not to cause a single white flower to fall to the ground. She was delighted that everyone praised her. Indeed, no other tree has enjoyed as much attention as this. She felt like the queen of the whole garden!

As she straightened her branches, the cherry tree exclaimed boastfully: “I become prettier every day. In fact, even the apple trees don’t have such crisp white flowers — mine look like snow!”…

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