The Princess Named Sunny

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Do you know how the freckles that adorn the faces of many of us came into being? You'll find out the reason in this story about Sunny. You'll read about how her freckled face was a reminder of a magical fruit, and how her parents were able to find her when she disappeared.

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The Princess Named Sunny
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Do you know anyone who has a nose sprinkled with freckles? Or do you have freckled cheeks yourself? This is the story about how freckles came to be.

Once upon a time, a couple lived in a castle. They loved each other dearly and their castle was full of luxury, but they were not happy. They longed to have a child, but all of their attempts were unsuccessful.

Years passed, and the unhappy couple refused to leave the castle, so that they wouldn't have to look at happy families with crying children. They had the gates of their castle locked and covered all of the windows with curtains, so that not even the sun could peek inside. Gradually, they began to fear the whole world.

One day they heard someone knocking on the main gate of the manor. There was a hunched old woman with a basket in her hand, begging. “Dear sir," she said,"please buy these strawberries from a poor old woman. You won't regret it. See how beautiful the red ones are? They're kissed by the sun.”

The man hesitated. Although he had a good heart, he was still afraid of anything unknown. He and his wife had never seen strawberries in their lives. He looked at them closely: they were small, red and dusted with brown seeds. They didn’t look tasty at all.

He was about to close the gate again when the old woman blurted out: “I know what bothers you, sir. Just one strawberry and it won’t bother you anymore, you’ll see!"

The man at once pictured his beautiful and loving wife. She cried all night long because they still had no family. Plus, he did feel sorry for the old lady. After all, nothing would happen if he took those strange red…

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