The Horse and His Rider

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If we want something to serve us long and well, we have to take good care of it.

The old soldier knew very well that he had survived all the pitfalls of the war only thanks to the bravery and strength of his horse. So he took good care of it. The horse was always prepared for battles. When the war ended, however, he stopped paying so much attention to the horse - which does him no good in the end.

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The Horse and His Rider
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A long time ago there was a brave soldier. He had a loyal horse that had kept him company for many years. It had stood by his side on the battlefield during war, overcoming all the challenges and dangers they met on their way. The soldier knew very well that it was mainly his horse’s courage that helped him get home from battle safe and sound each time, and so he did all he could to give him the best life possible.

He fed him the best food three times a day, and there was always plenty of straw to snack on whenever the horse felt like it. He drank litres and litres of water, and the soldier refilled his trough several times a day. The soldier cared for his coat, making sure that it remained soft and shiny, and combed the horse’s mane each day. Not to mention the blacksmith, who visited them regularly to keep the horse’s hooves healthy and shod.

In short, the soldier did everything for the horse, pampering and caring for him, day after day. The horse was always fit and content and he neighed happily in his stable, which was so clean you couldn’t find a single fly in it. And the horse repaid his master with his good service in battle and became his inseparable companion.

After some time, the war was over, and the soldier no longer needed a horse for the battlefield. He became a farmer and started using his horse for very hard work. Every day, the horse had to help his master plough the field, dragging a very heavy plough behind him. Sometimes, the master would hitch him up to drag some wood from the forest or bring a heavy load from town. The horse had to…

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