The DIY Cat

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Princess Bobbie always had everything she wanted, and yet it was never enough. She demanded new toys and new kinds of entertainment all the time. Her latest whim was to have a kitten to play with. Thanks to an unexpected visitor and his offer of an extraordinary type of cat, Bobbie finally learns to humble herself, and she even becomes generous. Read the story to find out more about this surprising transformation.

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The DIY Cat
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Once upon a time, there was a princess named Bobbie. Her parents loved her very much and granted her every wish. Bobbie had everything she wanted. She had heaps and heaps of plush toys and dolls, as well as ponies, horses, and even a goat. Her shelves were full of beautiful things, and yet, one-hundred-and-twenty playthings were still sitting there, unopened and in their original boxes. She also had an electric toy car and a regular toy car, and more than two-hundred-and-ninety-three dresses.

But all of this still wasn’t enough. One day, Bobbie woke up and said to her parents: “Mummy-Queen, Daddy-King, I want a kitten, and I want it right now!” She stamped her tiny feet, which of course were shod in beautiful shoes.

The whole castle was suddenly in an uproar. The King and Queen didn’t dare say ‘no’ to their daughter, so the King let it be known throughout the kingdom that they were now looking for a baby pussy-cat for the little princess.

People from the surrounding towns started offering cute kittens in baskets and boxes, or wrapped in blankets. After seeing hundreds and hundreds of adorable kittens, the princess hadn’t found any of them to be good enough for her.

“This one is too small!” she would say, scrunching her nose peevishly. “This one is too fluffy!” “This one’s too ginger!” “This one has too many stripes!” “No, no, no!” She didn’t like any of them. It went on like this all day. Dinnertime was upon them now, and her father’s stomach was starting to growl.

“Well, please just choose one of them, darling!” begged the Queen, desperately.

Alas, the princess simply refused all of the offers up until now. But then one more person arrived. It was…

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