The Conceited Christmas Tree

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When a Christmas tree is brought to an apartment and the whole family admires it, it becomes too proud. However, the other pieces of furniture remind it that this admiration means nothing, because while the furniture stays in the apartment all year round, the tree will go into the garbage as soon as Christmas is over.

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The Conceited Christmas Tree
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Once upon a time, at a Christmas market, there was a young Christmas tree. He couldn’t wait for someone to finally buy him and take him home, where he could adorn their living room.

“I will be the most beautiful thing in the whole house,” he would say to himself boastfully. He'd hold out his branches, thick with dark green needles, and preen. He compared himself to the other trees in the market and laughed at them. He was the prettiest of them all!

And sure enough, he soon caught the eye of one customer, who took him home.

“Children! We have a Christmas tree!” yelled the father as soon as he set foot in the door.

“Yaaaay! Hooray!” cried the children happily. “Let’s decorate it!”

Before long, the tree sparkled with the most beautiful of colours. “Oh, they’re so shiny!” he exclaimed. He admired his gorgeously decorated branches, preening even more than before. He couldn’t take his eyes off of himself, even at night, when everyone else was already fast asleep.

“Oh, I am simply so marvellous! There is no other tree as magnificent as me! I am the centerpiece of the whole living room!" He looked around with a frown. "It’s just a shame that a stinky, sticky curtain blocks the view from the street."

He sniffed. "And that dirty, old sofa is taking up space as well. And just look at the TV. It’s all scratched and cracked!” said the tree with disgust.

“Stop being so huffy puffy, tree!” snapped the woven carpet, who was also a little stained thanks to Floky, the family dog.

“Oh, shut your trap, you mangy piece of dust rag!” the tree snapped back.

“Don’t you know that you shouldn’t judge others by their looks?” asked the old sofa…

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