The Adventure of the Bicycle’s Great-Grandfather

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When the most modern bicycle meets its old-fashioned colleague in a museum, hostility immediately sparks between them. How can a bicycle that is more than a century old be compared to the new one? But then they meet someone who opens their eyes and shows that there are more important things in life beyond just racing and comparison.

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The Adventure of the Bicycle’s Great-Grandfather
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A big bicycle exhibition was about to open at the city museum. Everything was already set. The exhibited bicycles, helmets, pedals and tires were already well-placed in their compartments.

And far ahead, on a shiny white stage, two bicycles stood side by side. The first was the newest, a proudly shining pump track bike. The second was the oldest pedal bike in the world, with a huge front wheel made by Mr James Starley one hundred and fifty years ago. Above the bikes a large sign read: BICYCLES: HISTORICAL AND PRESENT-DAY.

However, the pump track bike looked annoyed: “I look just ridiculous next to such a prehistoric monster! After all, I'm fast! I run on the track, I do wild off-road rides... and now I have to be here. Everyone's got to be laughing at me!”

It was true. The other occupants of the museum were letting out a few smirks. Whispers spread from the Canadian department where a Cervélo was exhibited. And in the corner, where Taiwan's Merida bicycle reigned, there was another quiet laugh.

Mr James Starley's historic bicycle stood proudly on the stage, and it felt a bit sorry about what the modern colleagues thought of it.

But then the pump track bike decided to act. “I won't stay here so that everyone can laugh at me. I’m leaving!” And it moved forward at full speed. It spun its wheels, pulled itself off of the stand and flew through the museum. It passed the surprised doorman as it went out into the street.

But when it had pulled out of its stand, it had released the entire structure, so that the historical bicycle was involuntarily flying right behind it.

He'd been suddenly rushed from the museum to the street and was completely confused. “Aaaah,…

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