Dino Maximiliano the Dinosaur – Part 1

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Meet a new hero – Dino Maximiliano the Bicyclosaurus, aka Max. This small, fidgety dinosaur is the best friend of a boy named Micah. The dinosaur’s dream is to one day have his very own bicycle. Being a clever, creative person, Micah decides to design a bicycle for Max and arrange to have it built. See how the plan gets underway in the first part of this episodic story.

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Dino Maximiliano the Dinosaur – Part 1
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The story I’m about to tell you involves unforgettable experiences, new friendships, and dreams that really do come true. Listen carefully and I’ll tell you everything…

My name is Dino Maximiliano, but you can call me Max. I’m a small dinosaur from the genus Bicyclosaurus. I love to run and jump, but most of all I love to cycle. Ever since I was little I imagined riding a bicycle as fast as the wind, cruising through the streets of the city and into the woods, overcoming all sorts of obstacles and skidding on dirt... You know how it is when you want something really badly and your imagination goes wild, right?

My best friend is a boy named Micah. Without him, none of this would have been possible. Micah lives in the city and is studying at university. He’s very clever, with a lot of creative energy and a head full of ideas.

One rainy Saturday morning, while still cosily tucked-in under his warm duvet, Micah opened his eyes and immediately began wondering what his day would look like. Feeling especially content after such a good sleep, he would first make himself a mug of hot cocoa and gaze out the window. As he sipped on his steamy drink, he watched the raindrops sliding down the panes of glass, listening to the pleasant sound of the drops drumming on the windowsill.

After a while, he picked up a pencil and began to sketch. He drew and drew, rubbed out a bit, drew some more, rubbed out, and drew again. And so it continued until he was finished with his drawing. Although he’d been dreaming about designing a bicycle for a long time, it wasn’t a bicycle he had designed that day, it was me –…

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