Sandra Makes a Pact with the Sun

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The arrival of the new school year does not please Sandra at all. She doesn’t like getting up early in the morning, and would prefer to avoid it completely. But one day, the Sun overhears her objections, and that sparks a notion: What if I stopped getting up early in the morning too? Well, this seems fair. But what happens when the Sun doesn’t wake up on time?

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Sandra Makes a Pact with the Sun
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The leaves on the trees were gradually turning from green to gold and falling from the branches, blanketing the pavement with colour. Sandra was feeling gloomy. She knew that the coming of autumn meant a new school year was about to begin.

Sandra lived in the house at the end of the street. She had two long braids in her hair, freckles on her nose, and a ladybird badge pinned to her school bag. Sandra liked school because that’s where she met her friends every day. Her favourite classes were drawing, writing, and PE —when they could run around playing games in the playground.

But there was one thing she couldn’t get used to: getting up early in the morning. Sandra loved having a lie-in — lingering in bed under her cosy-warm duvet that had pictures of rainbows on it. During the summer she would only get up when the sun was high in the sky.

Today, her dad woke her early. “Sandra, it’s time to get up!”

“Oh Daddy, nooo,” whinged the girl sleepily. “Give me a few more minutes, please!”

“Just open your eyes, darling,” her dad smiled. “You surely don’t want to be late for class on the first day back!” To help his daughter wake-up he opened the window wide, letting the first rays of sunlight into the room, along with some fresh air.

“Ugh,” Sandra moaned, reluctantly rolling out of bed. She shuddered when her bare feet touched the floor. She’d love to slide back under the warm duvet right now! “Why was the summer so short?” she mumbled discontentedly. “What would happen if I stayed home for a day? Or even just for an hour! Why do classes have to start so early?”

Sandra grumpily…

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