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Don’t overestimate your abilities.
When young Phaethon goes to see his father, the sun god, he persuades him to lend him his solar chariot. How does Phaethon’s ride end?

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Once, young Phaethon, son of Helios, the god of sun, came home very upset and complained to his mother: “No one believes my father is a god. They all laugh at me and tell me I’m making it all up!”

“But your father is a god. Look up. The sun that rises from the horizon up the sky every day is your father. He watches you grow, learn new things and play with your friends,” explained his mother tenderly.

“I want to meet him. Let me go there and see him,” insisted Phaethon.

After some time spent persuading her, his mother finally agreed and showed him the way. “You have to keep going east until you reach a high rock. Go along a winding path and you’ll come to the top. There you will find the Palace of the Sun and your father Helios in it.”

Phaethon quickly packed his things, slammed the door shut, and set out on his long journey east. Approaching the rock, he could already see the shining palace from afar. Golden flames from its walls were blazing all the way up to the sky.

Phaethon passed through the palace gate. The blinding golden light flooded the courtyard so much he had to cover his eyes. Gods were passing by everywhere he looked and nymphs were playing divine melodies on their harps. When he entered the main hall, he saw the god Helios sitting on a throne in front of him.

“Welcome, dear son. To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?`` His father greeted him warmly.

The lad got talking: “Everyone laughs at me. They say I make it all up, and that you’re not my father. Please, do something so that they know I’m right!”

Helios approached Phaethon, caressed his hair and…

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