Natalie and the Dragon

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Natalie loves dragons more than anything else. She wanted to own everything she ever saw that was dragon-shaped or had a dragon on it. Her mum wants to give her a treat, so she promises to buy her another dragon. This time, though, she means a real live one. But do real live dragons exist? Read this story and find out more about the fascinating creatures that live on our planet.

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Natalie and the Dragon
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A huge dragon was flying over the river with a girl riding on its back. Natalie had her arms wrapped tightly around the dragon’s neck. She was squinting in the bright sunlight, and laughing. Three flies had already flown into her mouth, but she didn’t mind. The dragon was flying fast and Natalie’s curly hair was billowing in the wind. It was wonderful!

Just then she heard a bell ringing. Was it sleighbells? Or a doorbell?

“Oh, that’s my alarm clock!” Natalie realised in her dream.

And she was right. It was morning and her alarm clock was ringing to wake her up. Her dream about the dragon faded away. Natalie yawned and reached over to switch off her dragon egg alarm clock. She crawled out from under her pink dragon-patterned duvet and stretched. Then she turned all the toy dragons on her shelf so that they were looking out of the window. She gave the dragon on her pillow a friendly stroke and went to get dressed. After breakfast, she picked up her school bag, on which two dragons were breathing fire, and climbed into the car with her mum. Natalie enjoyed these morning trips in the car. She swung her legs happily and watched out of the window to see what was happening that morning.

One of the first things she saw was an advert next to the road for a new film about an adventure with dragons.

“Mum,” she began to plead, “did you see that poster? There’s going to be a new film about dragons! Can we go and see it at the cinema? Please, pretty please? And will you buy me a soft toy dragon just like the one on the poster?”

“Oh please, Natalie, you’ve already got…

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