Mio’s Classical Music Lesson

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Come and listen to some classical music together with the Year 2 pupils. Under the guidance of their clever teacher, you can discover the many ways in which music expresses itself, and how it affects us. And of course, you’ll be able to enjoy the cheerful company of Mio, the most good-natured elephant ever!

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Mio’s Classical Music Lesson
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The pupils in Year 2 look forward to every music lesson. It’s their chance to learn about musical instruments, hear new songs, and even discover the different cultures of the world. So when the teacher came into the classroom on Monday carrying a bluetooth speaker, the atmosphere was filled with excited murmurings. Mio-the-elephant even flapped his big ears, eager to find out what they were about to listen to.

“Good morning, class,” said the teacher. “Today we are starting with a classical music lesson, and I have a full playlist ready for you. Are you curious about what we’re going to be focusing on this time?”

Everyone cheered! The teacher held up her index finger. “We’ve already been introduced to a number of musical instruments. So how about learning what can be played on those instruments? Music is a powerful medium. It expresses so much. A skillful composer can write music that imitates nature, or that evokes feelings such as sadness or joy.” She switched on the speaker and paired it with her phone. “Now listen to this first piece and tell me what it reminds you of.”

As soon as she tapped on the song, familiar notes resonated throughout the room.

“That’s the sound of small birds in the treetops!” Natalie called out.

“You’re correct, Natalie!” the teacher said, praising her prompt response. “This piece is called Spring. The composer is Antonio Lucio Vivaldi — he managed to capture the sound of birdsong almost as well as the real thing, didn’t he?”

Mio honked and aimed his trunk at the window. The teacher laughed. “Yes, Mio, outside it’s spring now. And since spring brings good cheer, we’ll continue this lesson in a cheerful spirit. Springtime is when animals that have been hibernating all…

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