Louis’s love of Light

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Louis had been fascinated by light and by what it could do from an early age. He'd been playing with light all of his life, enchanting audiences in the theatre and the whole of Paris. But he still wanted to do more. What if he could manage to tame light and capture it?

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Louis’s love of Light
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There was a time not long ago when there were no cars or even electric light bulbs. And in a tiny village in France lived a boy named Louis. It was clear from a very young age that he was a curious fellow.

And the things he liked doing were different from those liked by other children his age. While the others frolicked in the forest, climbed trees, and played outdoor games, Louis stared at the flames in the kerosene lamps, his eyes wide with astonishment as they created shadows that looked like animals dancing on the wall.

While his friends were ice skating on the frozen river in the winter, Louis was writing and drawing with feather quill pens dipped in ink.

And one day, when a nomadic theatre troupe visited the city, the painted scenery that served as a backdrop for the performance, attracted Louis much more than the actors or the story itself. Right after seeing the show, he rushed home, took some old pieces of cloth from the shed, and tried to paint something similar on them. Every evening after that, he rehearsed puppet shows using his own designs as scenery. But he hid in a corner to do this, so that no one could see him. He was a rather modest boy.

When Louis grew up, he didn’t think twice about what he wanted to do for a living. He said goodbye to his parents and headed directly to Paris, where he trained as a scenic artist, painting backdrops and set pieces for the theatre.

It wasn’t long before his teacher noticed how talented Louis was. As soon as the young man had learned the basics of the craft he began to accompany the master, serving as his assistant.

Louis was a…

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