Khabar and the Scorpion

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This story will take you to the hot Sahara Desert, and you’ll meet an experienced merchant travelling its sands. On the back of his dromedary, he carries a precious cargo that saves people’s lives. But what if our merchant were to succumb to greed?

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Khabar and the Scorpion
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Caravans of camels crossed the yellow sands of the Sahara Desert, and the nomadic tribes, Tuaregs and Berbers, walked in their robes at night, each going after their own business.

They avoided the burning sun and craved the shade of an oasis and a small gulp of water. They were all well aware of the many dangers of the Sahara – the sandstorms, the treacherous afternoon sun, and the creatures of the night creeping out from the sand and rocks.

One of these animals was the scorpion. The sand people knew they had nothing to fear from the big 'black one.' But nobody wanted to ever stumble across a small, yellow scorpion called the death stalker. A scorpion attacks by stinging you with a sharp needle on the back of its raised tail. Then it injects you with a powerful venom, just like a snake.

That’s why everyone in the desert needs to learn the laws of survival. And Khabar was no exception. Khabar was a young man who had learned from his mother to heal people and animals alike.

Ever since he was little, he had been helping her brew potions and mix herbs and spices that had the power to save lives. Even now, many years after she had passed, Khabar still searched for and mixed new medicines to help people in need.

One day, Khabar made an extraordinary discovery. He created an antidote for the scorpion’s sting. Everyone who had to journey across the desert wanted to have the antidote.

Buyers from every corner of the Sahara were pouring in Khabar’s shop, leaving piles of bronze coins in exchange for ampoules with the magic antidote. Khabar became a famous merchant. He made, bottled, and sold the sought-after cure in Cairo.

After some time, Khabar decided…

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