How Granny Maryann Forgot About Workplace Safety

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Granny Maryann is cleaning the glass recycling factory, like she does every day, but this time her order is disturbed by the disruptive spider Servus and his web. In the heat of the moment, Maryann forgets about safety at work. It would have ended tragically - if it hadn't been for the unexpected help of Servus.

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How Granny Maryann Forgot About Workplace Safety
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Astronomer Florent Bottomjaw knew a woman named Granny Maryann. She worked part-time in a glass recycling factory during the week. She'd been tired of just being at home after she retired, so now she'd rush to the factory for every shift. She took her job as a cleaner very seriously - one hundred percent - or maybe even more.

Today she’d been very good at her job; plus she'd swept the cobwebs from all corners of the factory. She returned home extremely happy and content with her day.

By then, the contents of the full green bins were being dumped onto a huge pile of glass. The shards rattled so much that Servus the spider had to plug his ears with one pair of his legs. It didn't stop him from fleeing in a flash on his remaining legs to the nearest corner of the room, where the glass was piled up for recycling.

"Whew, that was a very close call!" gasped Servus. He patted himself on the back, and immediately began spinning a spider web hammock to make himself as comfortable as possible in his new surroundings. "So they endlessly recycle glass in these places, then? I can't wait, I'm bursting with curiosity!"

He was so excited, he even went on a tour of the factory. It was really very interesting, but, of course, also very dangerous. Especially because the glass pieces were melted at a temperature of one thousand eight hundred degrees. Servus only watched that from a safe distance.

"And what's this?!" bellowed Granny Maryann at the new spider web so forcefully it made the stacked glass jingle. "Why, there was nothing here at all yesterday! Is that a new spider? In my workplace? It better not be!" She was hollering a second…

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