Dino Maximiliano the Dinosaur – Part 3

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In the third and final part of the story about bicyclosaurus Dino Maximiliano, the dream of an orange bicycle finally becomes reality. What’s more, this is not any ordinary bike, it’s a ‘growing bike’! Explore the joys of cycling and join Max on his biking adventures!

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Dino Maximiliano the Dinosaur – Part 3
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Another beautiful day lay ahead of us. By the time I got out of bed, Micah was no longer at home. He must have gone to school already. So I made myself some cocoa. I love to drink cocoa in the morning while watching cartoons.

I thought I’d go for a walk after that and have a think about where the two of us could go for our first bike ride. I wanted it to last a few days — maybe we could ride through the countryside all day, and in the evening we could make a campfire, have a tasty dinner, and then sleep in a tent under the stars. Oh yes, that would make for a grand adventure.

As I walked down the street, I noticed a large tent displayed in a shop window — it was the sort that would fold-up and fit into a backpack. I began to plan our excursion in more detail now, as the sun’s rays heated my thick, rough skin. Mmm.

I was really looking forward to hearing what Micah would say about the trip I had devised. I was pretty sure he’d be thrilled with my idea. As this was the beginning of summer and it was especially warm outside, I wanted to go swimming and riding. We could have a hearty dinner by the fire the evening beforehand and recharge our batteries for the next day. I came home bursting with energy. I couldn’t wait to see Micah and tell him all about it.

“Hiya, Micah, I had a very fruitful day today. I planned a trip for us!”

He sat down and said with a smile: “Tell me more, Max. What did you come up with?” He listened attentively as I told him everything.…

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