Annie and Micky Become Acrobats!

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Annie and Micky are quite different from one another. In fact, they have only one thing in common — neither of them fits in with the other children in the class, and their classmates make fun of both of them. However, when someone else enters the scene, Annie’s and Micky’s eyes are opened, and their special abilities are soon revealed.

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Annie and Micky Become Acrobats!
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Class was coming to an end and the pupils could hardly sit still any longer. Everyone was excited when the teacher announced: “OK, children, gather your things and line up at the door. Chop-chop so we aren’t late to the show!”

Just as everyone leapt off their chairs, a loud bang was heard. They all looked around.

“Oh, the clumsy one is at his finest again,” said Jacob with a nasty grin.

The whole class burst into laughter. Micky’s textbook had fallen onto the floor and when he bent over to pick it up, his chair fell over. His cheeks were red with embarrassment. He stared at the ground, trying his best not to pay attention to the jeers.

You see, Micky had grown a little bigger than his classmates. His long legs and broad shoulders seemed to be a hindrance to him — he was constantly bumping into things and was clumsier than the other kids his age. And they never failed to remind him of this, in a hurtful way.

“Leave him alone,” said a soft voice from across the room. It was Annie, Micky’s friend.

“Did someone say something?” Jacob enquired cheekily, turning his head and cupping his hand behind his ear. “Or did I imagine it?”

The class chuckled again, as if out of habit.

Annie was Micky’s exact opposite. She was tiny, frail, and her clothes just hung on her. Annoyed about the teasing, she shook her head at her fellow classmates and went over to Micky.

Most of the pupils had left the classroom by then. After all, the circus was going to be performing in the school gym, and the show was about to begin. The children had really been looking forward to this, but Annie and Micky…

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