Adventure of the Germs

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In this story you will learn about some extraordinary travellers: germs. They travel anywhere and everywhere. But one of their favourite destinations is the tummy of a child who doesn't wash their hands. How to get rid of such keen travellers, you may ask? Read on.

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Adventure of the Germs
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There they were again, that gang of germs — sitting on the toilet seat, all plump and hairy, with their teeny sharp teeth and claws, holding briefcases in their tiny hands and wearing hats. Some of the hats were askew, and they looked quite jaunty!

Alas, tired of hanging around in the same place, they couldn’t wait until the opportunity arose to go on a trip. In the next instant, the light came on in the bathroom. A few seconds later, little Jake carefully sat down on the toilet seat.

“Guys, let’s go!” shouted the biggest, fattest germ. The others merrily obeyed. They all rushed forward and leapt onto the palms of Jake’s hands. They grabbed-on tightly and did not let go.

“Yaaaay, at last we’re going on a trip!” they cheered in unison. But the biggest germ swiftly interrupted.

“Don’t be too quick to rejoice, chums. What if the boy washes his hands afterwards? Our trip would be over at once.”

When he was finished, the boy got up from the toilet seat and flushed. As he neared the wash basin, the germs began feeling anxious, wondering what Jake would decide to do next. Some of them bit into his palm out of sheer nervousness. Eeeee, is he going to wash his hands or not?

Aha! The germs could now celebrate, as Jake neglected to wash his hands. He passed the basin, not even noticing the nicely scented soap, and went straight to the kitchen. The germs on Jake’s palms were thrilled, singing a roaring cheer.

“Hoorayyyyy — he didn’t wash his hands! We’re going on a trip! We’re going on a trip!”

Jake walked through the kitchen, grabbing a boiled sweet from the bowl on the countertop.

“OK guys — ready,…

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