A Raindrop

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A little schoolgirl called Jane is stuck because it's raining outside and she got soaked without an umbrella. However, when she meets a magical raindrop, she learns from it how important rain is to all of us - and what a long journey awaits every drop in the natural world.

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A Raindrop
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It was raining heavily today. In the first grade, classes ended and the kids fled home across the puddles. Only Jane was still in the dressing room because she couldn't find her umbrella. Her mother kept repeating to her all of that morning:

“Jane, don’t forget the umbrella. It’s going to rain today."

But the umbrella was forgotten at home. So she reluctantly went back home in the biggest downpour. She took only a few steps and she was already soaked. That is why,she quickly hid under the nearest roof and hoped that she would survive at least the storm from there.

“This rain is super scary," she said to herself. “Why does it have to rain at all?”

This is when a raindrop from the roof fell onto her nose. It remained seated on her nose right in front of her eyes. Jane squinted at it. The drop seemed to have a small face, and tiny, cheerful eyes, and even small lips, which immediately began to speak:

“Why don’t you like rain?” asked the raindrop.

Jane was shaking from such surprise so strong that the raindrop rolled over and dripped straight into her palm. The girl raised her palm to her eyes and looked at the drop with curiosity.

“Are you a talking raindrop!” Jane said, unable to hide her amazement. “It’s so wonderful!”

"Suddenly, the rain doesn't seem so bad, does it?” said the raindrop with a giggle.

Jane sighed and shuddered. “It doesn't! Look, I'm all soaked. If it hadn't rained, we could have played with friends on the street."

“That doesn't matter," said the raindrop. “Don’t think only about yourself. Drops like me will still water flowers, grass and trees. They also quench the thirst of animals and birds. Rain brings life!”

“Why is rain good…

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