These are the top 5 apps to help you with parenting

These are the top 5 apps to help you with parenting

The facilities we have at our disposal to assist in the important role of parenting are constantly changing along with the times. For example, our parents did not have applications designed to aid them in putting a child to sleep or protecting them from inappropriate content on the web. But nowadays, all these and more are available at the click of a button, so it would be a shame not to make full use of them. 

That’s why we have prepared for you a list of 10 apps that will really help you in parenting. 

#1 White Noise Baby

If you’ve been keeping up with online trends, you definitely will have heard about white noise already. These are soft sounds with a calming effect that help not only adults but also children to sleep. In the White Noise Baby application, you can select, for instance, a heartbeat, a ticking clock, a rustling seashell or the distant sound of a hair dryer. Such sounds will help you put your child to sleep. Also, one of the app's advantages is that it can be set to gradually reduce the sound intensity or turn on again when it detects a baby’s crying. 

#2 Nutriklub+

This one is a very useful Slovak app which is a great help for parents. It has been compiled by paediatricians and nutritionists, so you can rely on the quality of the content. The application will guide you through pregnancy and then parenthood with the help of many professional articles and descriptions of the examinations that await you. Another advantage of the application is the number of interesting charts or even counseling available through the platform.

#3 Baby Feed Timer

Keeping track of everything during motherhood is sometimes a really hard job. However, Baby Feed Timer is something that will help you and remind you whenever it’s time to breastfeed or feed your baby. The application is also interesting because you can store data about your child's sleep or weight, which you can then share with other mothers or the doctor. 

#4 Readmio

Perhaps there is no child who would not love their parents to read them fairy tales. However, the app Readmio, takes this to an entirely different level. Its advantage is that it offers a number of beautiful fairy tales, collected from around the world, all of which are enriched with unique illustrations - but that’s not all!. Readmio will take you and your child directly into the story of the fairy tale, using unique sound effects that respond to your voice while reading. For example, as you read out the word ‘rain’, you hear the sound of rain to accompany the story. It’s an app you and your kids will quickly fall in love with. 

#5 Mamapp

Many mothers are also excited to find quality applications that are available in Slovak or Czech. If you are looking for an intelligent online pregnancy guide that can easily be understood, try this great Czech application, which will reveal to you what is happening in your belly based on the stage of your pregnancy. The app lets you know about things to look out for, and also contains a ‘pregnancy diary’ feature allowing you to keep track of changes within your own body along the way.

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