10 fun word games that you can play with your kids during a long drive

10 fun word games that you can play with your kids during a long drive

Even those kids who love road trips can find it difficult during a long drive. After many hours of travel, your kid may become really bored, so you have to come up with an activity that will grab their attention. That's why word games are a great companion for long roadtrips.

Word games can not only grab your child's attention, but they can also distract and entertain them at the same time. What are your favourite ones? We have selected our favourites below. 

#1 Guess what I think of

A classic game that needs no introduction. Everyone knows it and no one gets bored of it. Its advantage is that you need no tools for it. You just think of an object, an animal or a person and other players start asking you questions to which you can answer only yes or no. The winner is the one who gets the answer right first. 

#2 “Collecting” car colours 

This is such a simple but fun game. Everyone chooses a car colour that is going to be “theirs”. And then you just watch the passing cars and everytime you see one of “yours”, you get a point. The winner is the one who has the most points by the end of the game. 

#3 Forbidden words

You have to choose three words you will not use during the whole journey. But try to select ones that are really difficult to avoid. Everytime someone says a forbidden word, they get a minus point. The winner is the one who has the most points left at the end of the trip. 

#4 “Bingo”

In this game, your task is to write down 3 places that you may see along the way. For example, a gas station, a river, a bridge, a forest and so on. When a player sees a place they have written, they tick it off. The one who ticks off all the places first, has a bingo. 

#5 The longest sentence

You can play this game with an older kid who has a more developed vocabulary. Your task will be to choose one letter of the alphabet. Each person in the car then attempts to create a sentence in which every single word begins with that letter (e.g. Tim tells Tony to take two teas).  The winner is the one who manages to create the sentence with the most words. 

#6 Poets

As we know, poets are masters of rhyming. You can also try rhyming during the long road trip. Just select a random word and think of others that rhyme with that. The one who can’t come up with the next rhyme loses. 

#7 Guess a song

In this case, you can have fun pretending to be a radio. Your fellow passengers will guess the title of the song, but the problem is that you can't use its lyrics to “sing” it, you can only mumble its rhythm. The winner is the one who guesses the song. 

#8 Alphabet game

In this game, you again choose a letter of the alphabet, but in this case you gain points by identifying the objects or places you are currently seeing that begin with the same letter. Obviously, words on motorway or road sign boards are also counted (e.g. if you are playing with A, the player who sees the word “airport” on a sign receives a point).

#9 Word football

This word game can also be fun. Your task is to always start a new word with the letter with which the last player's word ended. If you start and say “trip”, the next player has to come up with a word that starts with P. To make the rules more challenging, just choose a specific category of words such as place names, animals, and so on. 

#10 Guess the fairy tale’s ending

If you would like to play a game that will also help your child fall asleep, playing this one is a great choice. You read a fairy tale to your child, but stop after each section and ask how they think the fairy tale will continue. Obviously, for this you should make use of our wonderful Readmio application, where you will find a huge variety of fairy tales ready for you to read. 

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