The Quarrelling Letters

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One day the letters in books start arguing and a huge mess ensues. Because of their fights, the books cannot be read at all. But one clever little girl decides to put it all in order - and solve the big alphabet quarrel.

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The Quarrelling Letters
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Once upon a time, in almost every book, the letters N and G lived happily together. They were very special because a lot of words ended with them. It's true that sometimes the N and the G poked at each other a bit.

And occasionally, when a child made a mistake and wrote GN instead of NG in an essay - for example, in the word walkign - the letter G giggled and was delighted. At least for once it overtook the N.

They'd been having such a nice life, when suddenly, one day, they stopped being friends. The N grumbled at the neighbouring G: "What's it even for? It just keeps me busy."

"Why do I always have to be second in line?" The letter G sneered. So it was doing everything it could to make the children make more and more mistakes. The children wrote words like: livign, eatign, teachign.

It was getting worse every day. They started pushing each other, to argue and swear all of the time: "You pointy scratch, nobody wants to read you. Everybody mistakes you for H... and who knows what else!" the letter G screamed.

The letter N was not giving in and screamed back: "Don't fool yourself, you squiggly ring, they mistake you for O or C every day! I don't want to be stuck here in the books next to you!"

The letter G got so mad that it bit off one of the letter N's legs. The letter N immediately bit the G back, so that neither could even be read properly anymore.

That's when the other letters joined in the argument. All of the round ones supported the letter G. The O and the Q and the C were screaming: "Get lost, letter N!"

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