The Night Butterfly

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Is it time to go to bed? This time, make the moments before bed more pleasant with a short bedtime story about a night moth. At the same time, as you relax and prepare for sleep, learn more about these interesting insects.

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The Night Butterfly
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Evening has come and it’s time to go to bed. It’s getting dark outside and the street is already quiet. Only the soft rustle of the trees and the distant sound of whizzing cars comes through the half-open window.

Come here under the duvet and tuck yourself in snugly. Close your eyes and listen to those quiet, peaceful sounds coming from afar.

If you listen carefully, in addition to the noises coming from outside, you can also hear the gentle flapping of wings. All of a sudden and out of nowhere, a huge butterfly flies into the room. You think butterflies should have already been asleep by now - but this is actually a big and dark night moth.

It is flapping its red and black wings and almost seems to be giggling softly at you. It lands on your hand, and then on your forehead. Then it completely disappears and in a moment appears under the duvet.

It tickles your feet, sits on your toe and flies off again with a barely heard giggle. Only the flapping of its wings reveals where it is flying at the moment.

The moth is playful, but it's tame as well. Just lie still in your bed so that it doesn't get scared, and watch it sit on your blanket with curiosity. Now you can look at it closely. You can see that it looks quite different from ordinary butterflies.

Its whole body is covered with fine hairs. It is fluffy, almost like a fuzzy, plush toy. Look at its wings. They are so big for such a small body. Watch how the red color smoothly passes to black and black to red. Take a good look at all the dots, dashes, circles and veins.

You can also see its long antennae. It…

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