The Moon and his Mother

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The ones who truly love us don’t care what we look like.

Once upon a time, the moon thought to herself that after all these years of staring up at her pale form, people simply must be bored with her looks. So she decided to spruce herself up a bit. She even asked her mother to tailor her a beautiful dress. To find out what happened next, read the rest of this retelling of Aesop’s famous fable.

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The Moon and his Mother
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Each night the Moon appears in the sky. He floats past the stars proudly, showing off his changing beauty. He really enjoys how the people stare at him in admiration.

How does he change? First, he shows off just a tiny slice, which we call a crescent. It looks a little like a fingernail sliver. Then he shows half of his face, looking like the letter D colored in. And when he comes out whole, lighting up the night, that’s when he gets the most attention. It’s what we call the full moon. Lastly, after that, he slowly covers himself again. He’s waning, and he looks like the letter C. He never looks the same two days in a row. And some nights, he takes a complete a night off, not showing up at all. We say it’s a moonless night.

Every night, when the crickets are chirping, and everyone is fast asleep, softly snoring, he thinks about how he can look even better, more magnificent.

He has asked his mom to make him a pretty, glittery costume he could show off in front of everyone one night. He imagines a long orange cloak trailing across the sky or perhaps a nice sparkly hat that would make him shine even brighter.

His mom only sighs sadly every time he’s asked. She shakes her head, thinking about her son’s vanity and his crazy thoughts. She has tried to talk him out of his silly costume idea: “I can’t do that for you, son. It just wouldn’t work.”

“Why not?” he pouted. “Why can’t you give me a new look? I’m so fed up with this! I have had this same style for ages and ages. I’m pretty sure nobody cares anymore,” whined the Moon. His mother kept shaking her…

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