The Fawn Who Learned to Be Brave

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Little Hoof, the youngest fawn in the family, breaks his tooth on a stone and has to visit the forest dentist for the first time. He is scared out of his wits. Not quite knowing what to expect, he imagines the worst. However, thanks to his mother’s patience and advice, and a splendid tip from his rabbit friend, he manages to address his fear and overcome it.

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The Fawn Who Learned to Be Brave
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In a meadow near a forest, grew a delicious patch of grass. A deer family was currently grazing on that yummy grass — a stag (the father), a doe (the mother), and a few fawns, the youngest of which had a funny name — Little Hoof.

Little Hoof was nibbling on a juicy tuft of grass when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his tooth. His eyes welled up with tears. Oh, it hurts so much! thought the fawn to himself. A stone had been hiding in the grass and Little Hoof had accidentally bitten into it. With a crack and a crunch, his good mood instantly vanished.

“It really hurts!” Little Hoof cried out, trotting around in circles.

“Oh dear, have you hurt your tooth?” asked the mummy doe. Little Hoof nodded. “Don’t panic. We’ll visit Doctor Beaver and he can take a look at it.”

At that moment, Little Hoof froze in place. His heart started racing. “Doctor Beaver? Isn’t he the one with those giant pliers?” he asked, quivering.

“Yes, he definitely has pliers,” his mum confirmed. “But you needn’t worry, Doctor Beaver doesn’t want to hurt you. He’s there to help.” She was trying to comfort him, but it hadn’t worked. Little Hoof was so scared his knees were shaking. He felt very confused.

“Well, anyway, my tooth doesn’t actually hurt anymore,” said Little Hoof, trying to fool his mother.

She saw right through him, though. “Little Hoof, you’re afraid of Doctor Beaver, aren’t you?” She stroked his head, and the fawn nodded in silence. “It’s normal to be scared at first. After all, you’ve never been to the dentist before. But I have an idea that could help you overcome your fear.” She took Little Hoof back home and gave…

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