Camping with a Dinosaur

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Vanessa and Simon are twins who set out to camp in the woods with their family. However, they see a scary shadow which looks a lot like... a dinosaur! It gives them quite a fright. Where did it come from? You’ll find out in this fun and educational story.

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Camping with a Dinosaur
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It was Friday. Vanessa and Simon, the twins, were coming back home from school. Their father had promised to take them camping by the big rock outside of their small town. They would stay there for the whole night! The twins were excited.

Actually, it had been a great day ever since that morning. They’d both got As in natural science, because they knew everything about dinosaurs. Their teacher had even told them in front of the whole class that they’d done a great job.

The twins were fascinated by those prehistoric lizards. They collected dinosaur stickers, dinosaur figures, wore dinosaur T-shirts, and used dinosaur pens and notebooks. They’d also nearly read five books about dinosaurs, which made them quite proud.

Vanessa and Simon were in fourth grade. They lived in a small town and their parents constantly came up with interesting trips to places nearby. Summer was coming soon, so they’d decided it was just warm enough to go camping.

After lunch, when everyone was home, they cleaned up the apartment and packed their bags. They had food, a tent, sleeping bags, water, a flashlight, matches and just about anything else you might need for camping.

Then they went out together to walk along the familiar path to the woods. They passed Mrs. Curry’s house on the way. She was feeding her hens and getting angry at the black one. As it always did, the black hen drove the other hens away from the food.

“You, naughty Blacky, you’ll end up in the soup the first!” Mrs. Curry shouted at it. But when she spotted Vanessa and Simon, she smiled. She waved hello to the family and they all waved back as they walked. The forest was nearby, just right outside of the town.

They turned right…

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