Bumbo the Baby Elephant

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In just the way that everyone dreams of becoming something, the little elephant Bumbo sees himself becoming an astronaut. In this soothing good night story, the young elephant sets out on a journey through space, where he learns about the Sun, planets and other nooks and crannies of our solar system.

This story was written for you by Martin from the Readmio team.

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Bumbo the Baby Elephant
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Once upon a time, there was a little elephant. His name was Bumbo. Some evenings, the elephant would stare at the starry clear sky and imagine what it would be like to be an astronaut.

He imagined he would travel the whole galaxy in his space rocket and discover new planets. It would definitely be much more fun than living on Earth. However, Bumbo was well aware: despite being little, he was too heavy to fly to the stars. Plus, he didn't have a rocket either. So he would just sigh sadly while staring up at the twinkling stars.

But tonight a miracle happened! Right after his whole elephant family was asleep, Bumbo yawned for the last time and fell asleep as well. And soon he was dreaming something quite unusual.

His dream was the same he always daydreamed: about being an astronaut and setting out on an amazing adventure in space. And so we'll set out with him. Just close your eyes and our thoughts will bring us along with Bumbo, on a journey across the entire galaxy. Look, the rocket is ready to launch.

Let’s get on and slowly fly towards the stars. We can see from a tiny window how far the Earth is getting. We're flying through clouds that just flash by us because of our speed. Before long, we find ourselves in dark outer space, with Bumbo.

Our planet is far behind. Look, the Earth seems to be all blue from a distance. This is thanks to all the seas and oceans. Fluffy white clouds also cover it in some places.

Hey, look! There's a comet flying there. It flew past us, we had no time even to wave at it.

Now we're approaching a rusty-colored planet. It must be Mars, for sure. We'll…

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