A Magical Night

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Tonight, Grandma, Grandad and their dog Perrito are in for a treat. For the first time in a whole year, they are going to be able to meet up with their relatives, share all their news, and enjoy some good food together. But what is this gathering, and why is it so magical for everyone in attendance?

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A Magical Night
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It was not long after lunch when the tap, tap, tap of a walking stick on the tiled floor rang out all through the house, followed very soon by Grandad’s voice:

“Grandma, where are you? Come along now!”

Grandad was pacing nervously up and down the hall, his favourite walking stick in his hand. He had got used to using it when his legs were bad. He didn’t really need it anymore, but he took it everywhere with him anyway – he thought it made him look rather dapper.

“It’s only half past two, Grandad! They’re expecting us for dinner, you know!” Grandma called down to him from the bedroom. She remembered how every time the family had got together, she had always prepared a huge spread of food. But now her children and grandchildren got everything ready. Even so, she couldn’t wait. She was already getting dressed for the evening. Which dress should she wear? And what about a hat and a jacket? It can get rather cold at the end of October, or at least it always used to.

“What about Perrito, where is he?” Grandad called out. The floppy-eared mongrel hadn’t lived with Grandad and Grandma very long and he sometimes wandered off.

“He’s here with me, don’t you fret! He’s looking forward to seeing the children,” Grandma called out from inside the wardrobe. She bent down to stroke the dog, who then ran off down the stairs to Grandad.

The afternoon vanished in a flash, as they spent it excitedly preparing for the evening and reminiscing about past occasions. It was time to go!

Hand in hand, with Perrito by their side, they set out. It was beginning to get dark, but they weren’t worried about getting lost – there…

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