Kids' calendars - how to make planning fun

Kids' calendars - how to make planning fun

Kids' calendars - how to make planning fun

There are various discussions about effective time management for adults: how to schedule things to allow for the smoothest workflow, and when and how to get rest so that we don’t feel tired. It is common among many couples to share their online calendars. This way they know each other’s schedules and don’t have to ask constantly about plans (which they will forget anyway). Have you ever thought about what it is like to have such calendars with kids? Even with the smallest ones?

A two-year-old child doesn’t have an online calendar, of course. But when they know in advance what awaits them and when, they may feel more calm and secure. It is also possible to eliminate some tantrums or frustrations when children feel they can influence the events around them. Also, we want our kids to be able to manage their time, and we can start working on that in childhood. As a kid, I liked crossing out things from my to-do list, and it stayed with me until now. Over time, I have improved my system even more, and I always include some pleasant activity among the tasks. It can be a walk to a library, a hot bath or a call with a friend – imagination is my only limit.

Therefore, it was not surprising that I wanted to make such a calendar for our daughter, too. You only need a magnetic foil; the calendar stays on the fridge, and you just need to draw a table for the seven days of the week. Include some design circles or squares with simple sketches of the activities, and the calendar is ready. Engage your kids with the creation of the calendar as well. When they come up with anything themselves, they are more invested (well, actually the same goes for adults, too).

Besides daily and often unpleasant duties (brushing teeth, an evening bath, cleaning toys and clothes), it is worth including other activities, such as playing on the playground, shopping, visiting grandparents, a game of hide and seek and reading in the evening. Then the calendar does not just remind children of the unpleasant duties. A child can see their entire day (for older ones, even the entire week) easily. They can then function much more independently and realise what to expect at any time; they understand that everyone has responsibilities and that the sooner they fulfil them, the faster they can get to the fun parts of the calendar.

You can also include magnets in the calendar to mark any event – a dentist visit, Christmas, birthdays, holidays – just anything. When my daughter and I complete a certain task, we move the magnet to the ‘Done’ section and then happily count how many things we did during the day. When I see how satisfied my daughter is when we get to play or read together after brushing her teeth, I realise how much such activities with a parent mean to a child.

Almost everyone is happy with the calendar, whether it be a handmade one or one from the store. And when from time to time some new magnet is added, you should see my daughter’s joy!

The calendar can grow bigger with your child, literally. You can expand it together when children start kindergarten and then school. The increase in responsibilities will not surprise the children; just adjust the calendar and think about it together. How about creating a calendar for the whole family where kids will see the planned vacations, celebrations, or anything else they look forward to? The more time we devote to teaching children time management, the sooner they become independent because we show them the whole process. Thus, we give them more than a routine that we manage ourselves, which can exhaust everyone involved.

Finally, there is one more little tip for you: if you stock up on magnets without tasks and responsibilities written on them, you can pleasantly surprise other family members. Who wouldn’t be happy to find a heart with a note early in the morning that says ‘I love you’ or ‘Good luck’?

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