Am I ready to have a child? These are the 8 questions you should ask yourself first.

Am I ready to have a child? These are the 8 questions you should ask yourself first.

Whether to have a child is one of the most important and significant decisions we can make in our lives. It entails a great deal of responsibility and one should do everything to approach this issue as seriously as possible. Of course, there are situations where a child comes to life unplanned, but if this is not your case and you often think about whether you are ready for parenthood, the following questions may help you. 

These are the 8 questions you should ask yourself first if you are considering becoming a parent. 

#1 Will my loved ones support me?

As we’ve already mentioned, being a parent is not always a walk in the park. Of course there are lots of parents who can handle such a challenge really well. However, everything is much easier when you have a certain support system built around you: either your friends, or family. These people can give you a helping hand both in raising your child and in the moments when you need support or encouragement. 

#2 Do I have suitable conditions to raise a child?

If you don’t plan on having a child and they still come into your life, it’s already too late to think if you have suitable conditions for raising it. But if you plan on being a parent, asking yourself this is essential. Ask yourself not only what your current financial situation is, but also what your prospects are or whether you have suitable living conditions for raising a child. 

#3 Do you realise that you may have to make sacrifices?

If you are thinking about having your first baby, you have to realise that now you have literally absolute freedom. You can go anywhere, anytime. That is why it is essential to consider whether parenting is really a priority for you and whether you are willing to give up certain things that have been a matter of course for you so far.

#4 What is my physical and mental condition?

One of the most common mistakes is that we often care only about our physical condition and totally forget about the mental one. In case of such an important decision, you should consider this, too. A baby should also never be a means to save a no longer functioning relationship.

#5 Am I ready for a lifelong commitment?

Each of us has certain commitments. But most of them can be terminated, whether with greater or lesser ease. However, this obviously does not apply to parenthood. It’s a lifelong commitment you can’t end or “change your mind” about. Such a responsibility scares many people, so that is why it is important to consider thoroughly whether one is ready to become a parent. 

#6 Are you under pressure because of your decision? 

Both women and men have experience with this. Once we reach a certain age or get married, society automatically expects a child to be the next step. However, one shouldn’t be under pressure when considering having a baby. 

#7 How can it influence my career?

Everyone has dreams of goals which are often related to building a career. So remember to think how a baby could influence your career. Would you be able to work from home? Will a job opportunity wait for you? Is being a parent a priority for you? You have to know the answers to these questions. 

#8 What kind of a relationship do I have with my partner?

If you decide to have a baby with your partner, you have to reconsider your relationship soberly and without any idealisation. Is this someone you are willing to spend the rest of your life with? Or has it not been working between you two for a while now? Is having a baby just an attempt to save your relationship? The answers to these questions will help you find out if your child will have the chance to grow up in a complete family. 

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