15 great parenting life hacks that will make your life way easier

15 great parenting life hacks that will make your life way easier

After giving birth to a child, parents don’t get any manual so it is up to them to try different tips and tricks that they think will work for them. We have tried to help the process by collecting a few, and we believe that you won’t be able to imagine your life without some of them. 

Some tricks will teach your child new things, others will entertain you, and some are simply a pleasant addition to quality time spent together.

#1 During lunch, listen to an audio story or a podcast suitable for children. You can talk about it after lunch during dessert, for example.

#2 Are you constantly left thinking about what to cook tomorrow? Make it easier by establishing a plan, and in helping to create the plan provide some fun for your child. Make pasta Wednesday, pizza Friday, etc. 

#3 If your child does not want to eat, try to make the activity more pleasant: mix things up a little, and have a picnic in nature or even just in the living room. 

#4 While your child is having an afternoon nap, set a timer for a maximum of 30 minutes, during which you will do your house chores. Make sure to use the rest of the time for yourself: watch your favourite series or put on a facial mask and relax.

#5 As you know, kids get bored quickly with toys. But there is also a trick for solving that issue: it won’t happen if the same toys aren’t available to them each day. Just sort the toys into large, plastic containers, and unload only one of them every day. This way your kid will think they have a new toy every day. 

#6 You never know what may happen when you are with your child. Therefore, always have some spare clothes and other necessary things in your car's trunk. That way, wherever you go, you won’t be stressed out by unforeseen problems.

#7 Does your child have a problem eating some healthy foods? Smoothies are a great way to “hide” them. Kids love them and they don’t have to know what they contain. 

#8 If your child is ill but does not want to take the prescribed syrup, pour it into a box, bottle or can with their favourite drink. 

#9 If the volume of some toys that make different sounds disturbs you, cover the speaker with adhesive tape. The toy will still make the sound (so it will still be interesting for the child), but the volume will be much lower. 

#10 If you have to go on a longer drive, buy special gel glass stickers for your little ones. Adhesive and yet easily removable, they will also serve you well on longer journeys by train, bus or plane, or anywhere one can find a convenient window. 

#11 If you do not want to get your apartment dirty with stroller wheels, place shower caps on them upon returning home. It will save you a lot of time with subsequent cleaning. 

#12 You can also wash plastic toys that do not contain any electronic parts in the dishwasher. However, remember to set a lower water temperature and a softer program so that the painted parts do not wash out. 

#13 If you have a garden, terrace or even a larger balcony, place a small tent there and pour sand into it. The end result here is of course the creation of a special sandpit in a tent for the child. While the tent itself adds an element of magic to playtime, the sand will also be protected not only from weather conditions, but from animals and insects if it placed in the garden.

#14 If you already have a sandpit outside, you can protect it from ants in a very simple way. Buy cinnamon and spray it into the sand. 

#15 When playing outside in the snow in winter, gloves can get wet quickly. Put ordinary rubber or plastic gloves on your children as well and enjoy the fun in the snow for longer. 

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