Roamer’s First Christmas

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Roamer, a young cat, gradually gets to know his surroundings. Scoot, a black dog, accompanies him along the way. In this story, Roamer is going to see a decorated winter village for the very first time! He will find out what Christmas is all about, witnessing gestures of kindness and generosity and learning their meaning.

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Roamer’s First Christmas
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A ginger cat stretched out his body and slid under the barn door. Then he shook himself, cat style.

“Brrr, it’s cold,” he grunted, and ran around a bit so that his paws wouldn’t freeze.

A blanket of snow covered the garden. Although it was barely early evening, it was pitch-black outside. Roamer looked around and his pretty green eyes lit up with surprise.

Something seemed different. The tops of the trees where the kitty usually sits were decorated with strings of blinking lights. And there were candles burning in every window of the house. There was a fat ball of food in the bird feeder, in addition to the usual seeds and grains. And as the lady brought food to Roamer and his mother in the barn, she was singing merrily to herself. What an extra fine meal it was too! Instead of the usual canned food, there was freshly cooked fish in their bowls.

“What is happening?” said the kitty, unable to hide his surprise.

He was strolling along the side of the fence wondering what it all meant, when he heard a barking noise right next to his ear. The cat jumped, startled. It’s a wonder he didn’t leap over the fence. As soon as he came to his senses, he heard someone giggling next to him.

“Hiya, King of the Savannah! Are you just roaming around or are you up to something?” a kind voice asked.

Roamer immediately calmed down. It was Scoot! In his startled state he completely forgot all about his canine neighbour. “Hey, Scoot!” Roamer said, standing on his hind legs. “I’m doing both, to be frank. Have you noticed how everything has suddenly changed here? The garden looks different, the lady is behaving weirdly, and there are twinkling lights all around... I’d…

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