Reggie’s Snowy Way to School

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Reggie is a little dragon who doesn’t really want to go to school. He'd rather play in the snow. However, the streets are covered with so much snow that even the usual way to school turns into a real adventure for him!

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Reggie’s Snowy Way to School
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Good morning!” said Mamma Dragon excitedly, waking up her son.

“Morning…” grumbled little Reggie, still half asleep, with one paw still in his dream. “Is it time to wake up already?” he asked with annoyance in his voice.

“Yes! Look at the wonders outside, Reggie. It’s snowing today!” his mother exclaimed as she merrily pointed at the snowflakes flying outside of the window. There were heaps of new snow down on the ground.

“Snow!” Reggie shouted, quickly tossing away the warm blanket, which suddenly didn’t mean anything to him now.

The happy little dragon forgot all about why his mother had woken him up in the first place. School! That was the real reason why he had to get up. He didn’t feel like going anywhere, but he started getting ready anyway, grumbling a little.

He grabbed the snack of smoked rabbit his mother had made for him and packed his schoolbag with supplies. But honestly, he could only think about one thing – how to have some fun in the snow as soon as possible.

“Bye, mom!” he said and set off for school. Normally, he didn’t like taking the path to school, but today, he couldn’t even see the path! It was all buried under piles of snow.

“Now how will I get to school?” complained the sad dragon.

The snow plough hadn’t reached this part of the town yet, so Reggie grabbed a small metal shovel and started clearing his way to school on his own. It was hard work! And it was still snowing, so he wasn't making much progress.

Suddenly something knocked him down on the ground. The hard blow of the icy snowball his neighbour Gonrad had thrown at him took him by surprise. He didn’t even…

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