Mio in Science Class: Birds

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Mio, a little elephant, liked it at school. This time, he and his classmates are waiting for the science class, and they will learn about birds and their songs during it. What new things will Mio learn?

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Mio in Science Class: Birds
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When Mio entered the school building, he liked everything he saw. The children were cheerful, the teachers were kind and smart, and there were so many interesting things to learn! That’s why his first visit to the school was not the last.

Mio enrolled and became a pupil. He enjoyed going into Year 2. And he didn’t mind being the only elephant there. On the contrary, he used this advantage to the fullest. For example, just like every other elephant, Mio had big grey ears. That was going to prove super handy in science class today, because the Year 2’s would be learning about birds and listening to the songs they sing. And listening is something that elephants are especially good at. As well as trumpeting, of course. Everyone knows that. (Mio was muttering to himself).

Mrs Evans, the teacher, switched on a device at the beginning of class. It instantly lit up and played. Mio had no idea what it was.

“Don’t be afraid,” whispered Susan from the next desk. “It’s a recorder. Just listen — you’ll like it!”

Suddenly birdsong filled the air.

“OK, class. This one was a turtle dove,” the teacher informed. “Doves are related to pigeons, which is why they look similar. A long time ago, turtle doves were only found in faraway Asia. They started nesting here just a hundred years ago. Almost always they live in pairs, and they get along beautifully.”

After a moment, the teacher announced: “Now I’ll play the song of a bird that you may have seen before — it has a black head, white cheeks, and a yellow belly. And it can sing in many different ways! One of those ways even sounds like a screeching wheelbarrow. This is how the…

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